Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys Put in Best Performance Yet at Model UN

Eight boys from Years 9 to 11 at Bolton School participated in the Withington Girls School Model UN Conference and were rewarded with the greatest success yet for a team from the Boys' Division.

The boys represented Israel, a challenging delegation, and as usual, debated a hugely wide ranging list of issues, from disarmament to health. They competed against over 20 of top independent and grammar school in the North and Midlands and won the Highly Commended Committee award - essentially second place out of over 40 delegations. The pupils (Jarleth Skelly, Myles Blackwell, Yousuf Saiful, Alistair Ahamed, Anchit Chandran, Andy Lee, Yousef Sharif and Matthew Haddon) won a trophy for their team achievement.

The boys were also individually part of committees where they had to debate and discuss various issues. Andy Lee won 'Outstanding delegate' (the top prize) for his role on the Middle East Committee, Alistair Ahamed, Yousef Sharif and Matthew Haddon won their Joint Committee (a large debate, where it is very difficult to make progress!) and Yousef Sharif won Highly Commended delegate on the Human Right Committee. Myles Blackwell won Highly Commended Delegate on the Political committee, and Matthew Haddon was Commended for his role on the Disarmament Committee. Boys received certificates for their individual achievements.

Teacher Miss Louise Dickinson said: “All in all it was a fantastic day with outstanding individual and team effort from the boys. They really did well against tough competition and I hope this will see the Model UN team in the Boys' Div go from strength to strength. I am incredibly proud!”

The Girls’ Division also took a group to Withington to compete in the Model United Nations competition and Year 11 pupil Jess Melling won ‘Commended Delegate’.

Bolton School Senior Boys Model UN

The boys enjoyed success at the Model UN Conference