Bolton School Senior Boys

Boys Record Excellent GCSE Results - Again!

Boys Achieve Highly Again: 

Pupils at Bolton School Boys' Division have, once again, recorded outstanding GCSE results.  The A* rate is strong, the top end of across the board performance is the same as last year and the A* to C pass rate is slightly up at 98.1%.  27% of the boys have all A* or A grades and 8 achieved all A*. 

One third of all grades were A*s and the A*A rate was 65% - the A* to B rate remains unchanged from last year at 95% despite this year being a larger cohort. 

Headmaster, Mr Philip Britton, said: 'I am delighted with the consistently strong GCSE results we have had in recent years and this is no exception - we have around one third of boys with A* grades and 65% with either an A* or A, so the boys are achieving at the highest levels. One highlight for me this year is that we have large numbers studying Modern Foreign Languages and some very strong results - which is very pleasing since these are subjects under pressure nationally yet so important to our future.'

Girls Reach New Heights: 

A new record was set by this year's cohort at Bolton School Girls' Division as 40% of grades achieved were A* - a further improvement on last year when 38% of papers were given this mark.  19 girls recorded at least 10 A*s, 17% of the girls achieved at least 9 A*s and 22% of the girls recorded at least 8 A* grades.  98.6% of all papers were graded A*-C. 

Mrs Gill Richards, Headmistress of the Girls' Division, said: "We are delighted that the girls have, once again, fulfilled their potential.  These are a super set of results.  There is excellence across the year group, with 73.4% of all grades being either A* or A, whilst all girls achieved a minimum of 5 A*-C grades." 

10 A* boys

These boys all achieved a minimum of 10 A* grades

A* Pupils

A* Pupils

The Boys' Division celebrates

The Boys' Division celebrates