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Boys Run for Mind Charity

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James Bowie and Ollie Cook, two Y10 pupils at Bolton School Boys’ Division, have so far raised £1,206 for Mind, the mental health charity. The boys completed a 26km (16 miles) run from Bolton to Deepdale, Preston North End Football Club’s ground, in horrendous weather conditions. They were delighted to well and truly smash their target, which had been £350.

Although they trained by building up the distance of their runs neither of them had ever completed such a distance before. Having fuelled up on carbs the previous evening, they found the first leg simple enough but then the second and third sections became more challenging because of the weather conditions - heavy rain and even snow at some points! 

James planned the running route to ensure there were pathways most of the way and that there were two break points for refuelling, one after 6.4 miles and the other after 11.5 miles. Most of the route was along the A675. 

Ollie and James arranged the fundraiser themselves and they hope the money raised will go towards a helpline for teenagers struggling with mental health issues. There is still time to donate to the cause here.

Two proud mums Andrea Cook and Jane Bowie said: “We are really impressed with the boys - they came up with the idea themselves and selected the Mind charity because it felt like the right thing to do with so many cases of mental health developing as a result of the pandemic. People are still giving money to the cause and the boys are really grateful to everyone who has donated so far!”

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