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Boys take Gold at Physics Olympics

Monday, 02 July 2012

A team of four year 8 students were the winners of the Physics Olympics held at St. Peter's School in York. 

Luke Hodson, Amartya Vadlamani, Thomas Underwood and Adam Shine gave an outstanding performance in all six of the day's challenges to beat 31 other teams who came from schools throughout the North of England.

The challenges included designing and building rockets, building a tower to support a box of crème eggs made out of only one Saturday Times, building a solar powered catamaran, working out the SPF of unknown sunscreens, and finding the density of a lump of silly putty with only a spring, some graph paper and a plastic rod as measuring apparatus!

Throughout the day they also had to complete the Fermi Quiz - testing both maths and physics skills to a standard that most A Level students would just about be comfortable with!

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Thomas, Adam, Amartya and Luke

Thomas, Adam, Amartya and Luke were gold medallists at the Regional Physics Olympics