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Boys vs Girls for Chess Championship Match

Thursday, 09 January 2014

There was a definite ‘boys versus girls’ atmosphere today as the Boys’ Division Chess Team B and the Girls’ Division Chess Team went head-to-head as part of the National Schools Chess Championships.

The teams of six were matched into pairs to play one game of chess each, with the winner receiving one point for his or her team, and half points awarded for draws. The team with the most points usually wins. However, the competition does operate with a handicap for younger players to accommodate age-differences, which can be significant: today’s match saw Boys’ Division students from Year 7 to Year 10 competing with girls from Year 7 and 8.

There was a tense atmosphere as the matches began and silence fell over the classroom. This was the first Round One match for both teams, and closely contested. However, by the end of the hour and forty minutes match time, the Boys’ Division Team B emerged victorious with 3.5 points to 2.5.

As each round comprises of a series of round-robin competitions, the boys are not quite through to the next stage of the competition yet. Both teams will now play Smithills, Stockport Grammar, and the Boys Division Team A before Round One winners are announced. Nonetheless, this triumph is a great opening move for the team.

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The winning Boys

The winning Boys' Division team: Matthew Cavaliere, Luke Cavanaugh, Alexander Moriarty, Huzaefah Sapra, Johathan Shine & George Speak

The matches were fiercely contested from the start

The matches were fiercely contested from the start

The Girls

The Girls' Division Chess Team: Neha Bagewadi, Shivani Chohan, Sharon Daniel, Santina Hundle, Nadiya Mohammed & Zara Walsh