Bolton School Senior Boys

Chariots of Fire Run Raises Awareness

One hundred Headteachers from the UK’s top independent schools undertook a “Chariots of Fire” run along the sands at St Andrews at their recent HMC conference, as they raised funds for UNICEF’s campaign to eradicate neonatal tetanus. The run, which replicated the famous West Sands beach scene in the David Puttnam film about Olympic athletes Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, raised enough money to inoculate three quarters of a million babies against deadly tetanus. The event also raised awareness of how the independent sector contributes £4 million per annum to charitable fundraising.

Headmaster of Bolton School Boys’ Division, Philip Britton, who took part in the run and raised £1,175, said: “The fundraiser echoes our own School’s aim of providing opportunities for children. Across the Bolton School Foundation we raise tens of thousands of pounds each year for charity.”



100 Heads took part in the HMC's Chariots of Fire run

100 Heads took part in the HMC's "Chariots of Fire" run