Bolton School Senior Boys

Daniel Sets His Sights on The Commonwealth Games

Daniel Sliwinski, who left the School in the summer of 2008, has been busy preparing for the British Gas Swimming Championships which begin today, Monday 29 March, at Ponds' Forge ISC in Sheffield.  The tournament also doubles up as the first Commonwealth trial of the year.

Daniel is now trying to refocus after having had a poor start to the year - something he puts down to growing a phenomenal three centimetres in a month!  By his own high standards, he recorded a disappointing third in the 50m breaststroke and fourth in both the 100m and 200m equivalents at the GB v Germany meeting last month in Swansea. 

However, Daniel said: "I didn't have the best of times against Germany ….but I am confident I am through it now and I think I am in the best form of my life."  Ponds Forge will provide some happy memories for Daniel, where he set a new British 100m breaststroke record of 59.55 seconds at the National Youth Championships last summer.  

Through his swimming club, Gallica, Daniel has been involved in the GBswimstars project, which aims to promote British aquatic sports through stunning photography.

Daniel in a variety of poses for the GBSwimstars, which aims to promote British aquatics

Daniel in a variety of poses for the GBSwimstars