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Drugs in Sport Lecture for Elite Players

Tuesday, 02 December 2014

The senior rugby squads and a number of gifted and talented sports players from the Boys’ Division attended a Drugs in Sport lecture presented by Stephen Watkins, the RFU Anti-Doping and Illicit Drugs Programme Manager, in the Boys’ Division Great Hall. These boys have been selected to take part in special sessions such as this one, which involve inspirational speakers visiting school to deliver talks on a variety of subjects relating to professional sport.

They were joined by a number of Girls’ Division pupils in Years 7 to 13 who are performing at County level or above in their chosen sport.

Mr Watkins’s lecture focused on the risks of using drugs in sport. He explained that it is not just illicit drugs that can cause problems for a player: some legal over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, such as painkillers, can contain substances that are banned in certain sports. Not being aware of this or not intending to cheat is not an excuse. He went on to explain how to find out whether a drug contains a banned substance.

He also talked about the consequences if a person is found to have an illegal substance in their system, which can be as severe as being banned from the sport. During the talk, he discussed the proper use of supplements to help improve performance and the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

The session was really interesting and educational for all of the pupils who attended. The boys are now looking forward to the next lecture, from Mark Lawrenson and Trevor Sinclair. Their talk will focus on education, careers, playing, management and the media.


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Mr Watkins gave an interesting and useful presentation

Mr Watkins gave an interesting and useful presentation

He spoke about the dangers of using supplements

He spoke about the dangers of using supplements