Bolton School Senior Boys

Election Fever Grips Bolton School

Bolton School Boys' Division is holding its own election to mirror the General Election, and just like the real thing the vote will be held on 6 May.

There are five candidates in the school election, and both teachers and pupils will be able to cast their vote on the day. The Labour candidate is Joel Harrison-Hirst from Year 13, Matthew Trevalyan also from Year 13 stands for Conservative, Liberal Democrats are represented by Cameron Lee from Year 8, UKIP by Richard Hamer from Year 11 and the Green Party by Nicholas Fairclough also from Year 11.

The boys have been busy campaigning during the month leading up to the big Election Day, including poster campaigns and a hustings outside the boys' dining hall giving them the chance to formally make their political speeches. Each candidate has also had the chance to address every year group in assemblies, and been questioned by the Senior and Junior Literary and Debating Societies, and the History Society where they were grilled on their policies on national issues such as education, taxes, immigration and the economy, and topics within school including charity work and lunch arrangements.

During their campaigns, the boys have received support and encouragement from the real parties, and with just a week to go, they are all working even harder to get as many votes as they can on the big day.


School Election Candidates

Nicholas Fairclough (Green Party), Matthew Trevalyan (Conservative), Richard Hamer (UKIP), Cameron Lee (Lib Dem) and Joel Harrison-Hirst (Labour)