Bolton School Senior Boys

Anthology Released Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day

A Y8 class at Bolton School Boys' Division has produced a collection of creative writing focusing on exile and brought together into an anthology here. The creative narratives explore exile in its many forms and were initially inspired by the class book 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zukak and also through historical and cultural research related to World War Two and persecuted communities. The release is particularly timely as this Sunday, 27 January, marks Holocaust Memorial Day.  

The Boys' Division Violin Quartet played at the town's Holocaust Memorial Service earlier in the week and boys' Holocaust tribute Art was on display at the same event. Deputy Head Mrs Brandon carried out a full assembly on the Holocaust this morning and the school's History Society is running a session focusing on the power of ordinary objects to tell extraordinary stories. Head of History Ms Burgess said: ‘We will be thinking about certain artefacts and what they can tell us about the Holocaust and other more modern genocides.’  

Boys have also recently produced political writings in their CreativesNow journal and through their long running Historacle magazine.

Boys have produced a new anthology called Exiles

Boys have produced a new anthology called Exiles