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Explosive Christmas Chemistry Lecture for Local Schools

Friday, 14 December 2012

Bolton School pupils were joined by pupils from other local schools as the School hosted a Royal Society of Chemistry Christmas Lecture entitled 'How Chemistry Works: colour, explosions and wonder'.

Alan Goodwin, former Head of Sciences Teacher Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, demonstrated how chemistry makes sense of the world around us, through a series of fun and explosive chemical experiments. The presentation was suitable to all age groups with an interest in science and pupils from varying year groups from schools including Oakhill, Sharples School and Derby High, joined our own pupils for the lecture. The lecture was held twice during the school day for pupils, and parents were invited to attend the same lecture in the evening. In total, almost 1000 local pupils from 20 different schools, and their parents, got the chance to enjoy Science at Bolton School.

The annual Christmas lectures are organised by the Manchester and District local Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry and supported by the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford.


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RSC Christmas Lecture at Bolton School

Alan Goodwin demonstrated a series of fun and explosive chemical experiments to the pupils

RSC Christmas Lecture at Bolton School RSC Christmas Lecture at Bolton School