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GCSE Celebrations in the Boys' Division

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pupils, staff and parents at Bolton School Boys’ Division have been celebrating outstanding GCSE results. Two out of every three grades obtained were at either A* or A; 33.6% of all grades were at A*. One in every three boys has achieved a set of A* or A grades in each of their ten subjects. 

Forty six per cent of grades in the "strategically important" subjects of maths, the three sciences, French and German are at A*. 100% of boys reached the government's benchmark of 5 A*-C passes, including English and Maths.

There were many individual success stories in the Boys’ Division. Haseeb Hameed, who has had a busy and successful summer playing for Lancashire and in the Under 19 England development squad, got 3A*s, 4As, 2Bs and a C. Lewis Daley, who has been juggling a water-polo career playing for the Youth GB Team achieved 5A*, 2A and 3B grades.

Headmaster, Mr Philip Britton, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating with this year group today. They have achieved a superb set of results, with one in every three boys getting 10 A* or A grades. Two thirds of the grades achieved this year are at A or A* and this is pleasing as it showcases real talent in a year when standards have been tightened again.

I am also very pleased that in those subjects the UK has designated strategically important for the future of the country (maths, the three sciences and languages) the average A* score is 46%, just under half the grades in a year group of nearly 140 awarded at the top level. That provides good hope for the future with such numbers of well qualified people in the right subjects.

This is a year group that has exemplified the best of Bolton School – boys from the year have taken us twice to the ISFA national football finals, won the national water polo finals and been national T20 cricket champions. Now they are celebrating academic success that is comparable with the best in the country as well. Bolton School and for that matter Bolton should be proud of what these young men have achieved.”

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The Boys

The Boys' Division has celebrated its best GCSE results in 5 years

Seven boys and 10 girls achieved 10 or 11 A*s

Seven boys and 10 girls achieved 10 or 11 A*s