Bolton School Senior Boys

Gold Award for School Sport

Bolton School Boys' Division has been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Mark Award for the academic year 2014/2015. The government led scheme, launched in 2012, rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. 

A team from Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Industry Research Centre visited the Boys’ Division to validate the application. They found the School met the criteria to achieve a gold Mark, exceeding the criteria in every category. 

The report from the School Games Team said: “Well done! This Gold Mark Award represents the excellent and hard work the school has attained over the 2014/2015 academic year. 

Every pupil in the school receives at least two hours of curriculum time PE and school sport per week. The school has an excellent policy in providing less active young people with opportunities to participate in physical activity. The school has an excellent inter-house sports calendar that includes mass participation events. In addition, every fortnight on a Monday afternoon the school runs a club programme called 'Space'. 'Space' allows every student in the school to attend an extra-curricular club of their choice. Furthermore, 70% of children are participating in extra-curricular sporting activities and this greatly exceeds the gold standard criteria. It was clear that extra-curricular sporting activity is embedded into the provision of sport at the school and the range of activities is excellent. 

Excellent evidence was provided to suggest Bolton School has a system in place to offer talented young sports people specific support helping them to develop their sporting potential. The school conducts regular talent ID of their students during PE lessons and extra-curricular sporting session. Bolton School has a strong gifted and talented programme, providing the gifted and talented students with opportunities to speak to professional athletes and to participate in sport specific sessions with high quality coaches. 

The delivery of sporting opportunities at Level 1 is excellent with 17 sports being offered and likewise at Level 2 with 13 sports being offered. This greatly exceeds gold standard in both categories. Furthermore, Bolton School has 8 B teams and 3 C teams. The school provided excellent evidence of promoting School Games activity to parents and the local community. The main channel of communication is through twitter. The sports department has its own dedicated twitter page, which regularly posts results, match reports and upcoming fixtures. 

28% of pupils are engaged in leading, managing and officiating in School Games activity, which exceeds the % required to meet gold standard. There is a strong leadership ethos at the school, with a significant number of students supporting a various range of sports events both in and out of school.  Excellent evidence was provided that Bolton School has a School Sport Organising Committee, the main role of the committee is to promote school sport through various channels and provide a student voice for sporting matters at the school.  

Bolton School has a network of coaches that are regularly utilised to support school sport. The school actively encourages members of staff to complete CPD courses in sport and currently nearly 40 members of staff have completed a sport specific CPD course. 

The school provided excellent evidence of having 18 active links with local sports clubs, this greatly exceeds the criteria for gold standard. It was clear this is an area of great strength at the school and each active link the school has been compiled into a 'club link directory'. 

Congratulations on achieving your Gold Mark.”

The award is made

England and Manchester water-polo player Aaron Winstanley returned to Bolton School with Brian Richardson, Bolton Schools' Games Organiser to hand the award to Paul Fernside, Head of Games and Trevor Pledger, Director of Partnerships