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Grant Helps Teacher Share Chemistry Method

Boys’ Division Chemistry teacher Miss Bramhall has been given one of five small grants as part of a scheme to encourage the sharing of good practice in the teaching of Chemistry in schools. At the end of last year, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Education Techniques Group asked teachers to submit proposals of their innovative ways of delivering concepts, which were proved to have worked well.

Miss Bramhall sent in her method of teaching balancing equations. She said, “Balancing equations is one of the biggest key concepts there is in Chemistry. I developed my method with students that struggle with Chemistry, including several SEN barriers to learning. It’s a more visual method that involves counting up rows rather than multi-step mental processes.”

She was awarded a small grant to facilitate the sharing of her teaching method, and the RSC Education Techniques Group also published the idea and a worksheet on their website.

Two year 10 pupils, Mohammed Abdullah and Arsh Patankar, volunteered to help Miss Bramhall make a video which gives further examples of the technique in action. This has also been included on the website.

Miss Bramhall’s teaching method can be seen on the RSC Education Techniques Group website here.

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