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Gym Final is Virtual!

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The Y7 Gym Final in the Boys’ Division of Bolton School has been running well over 100 years but it was a first this year as Form Groups watched the competition remotely from their classrooms. The event was, however, as competitive as ever with some fine displays from the seven finalists of eight piece sequences, demonstrating a wide range of skills including handstands, back supports, headstands, bridges, backward and forward rolls and much more. Good usage of the mat was employed as boys showed great poise and balance, exhibiting both tension and fluency through their travelling movements as their cohort watched on. 

Head of PE Mr Johnson had the unenviable task of choosing a winner from the seven sequences which had been perfected in curriculum PE lessons. Announcing those on the podium, Mr Johnson awarded third place to Lucas Bishop, second place to Ben Quillam and the winner as being Toby Hazelton. The other four contenders: Maxim McKay, Will Roberts, Ruhaan Bhalla and Usman Mohammed, were all commended for their efforts. 

In what was almost certainly another first for this year's competition, the Year 8 final, which took place later that week, was won by Toby’s elder brother Finlay. Summing up the two gym finals, Mr Johnson said: ‘ Congratulations to the winners of both the Year 7  and the Year 8 Gymnastics Finals. Both Hazelton boys showed what a talented pair they are with a range of superb skills on show. Well done.’

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