Bolton School Senior Boys

Hard Work is Rewarded in Latin and Greek Reading Competition

Pupils from Bolton School Boys’ Division have performed outstandingly in the Manchester Classical Association Latin and Greek Reading competition held at Cheadle Hulme School.

In Year 7, Andy Garcia-Cox, Naeem Limbada, Dilawer Idrees, and Salim Vahed took part in the Beginners' Latin section, which featured a comical argument between Alexander and his ungrateful brothers.

In the Latin GCSE category Haseeb Wazir (Year 10), Farhan Chhabu and Mohammed Karim (Year 11) all gave heart-rending performances of part of Virgil's epic poem the Aeneid, in which the hero Aeneas meets his rival Turnus in their final showdown. Farhan won second place in the section and Mohammed came third.

Alex Cameron, Rafi Scott, Christian Jameson, Richard Humphrey, Farhan Chhabu and Matthew Taylor took part in the GCSE Greek Verse category, reading a section from Homer's Iliad in which the Trojan hero Hector explains to his wife Andromache the reasons why he must return to battle. Farhan struck gold again, and was placed runner up in the section.

Zuhayr Adia, James Chia and Miles Smith displayed their talents in the A-Level Latin Prose category, in which Cicero accuses the villain Verres of violence and theft. Peter Swift gained second place in the A-Level Latin Verse category, in which Dido tells her sister of her love for Aeneas.

Dr James Reeson, Head of Classics, said: "All of the boys should be congratulated on their performances and for their efforts in preparation for the competition."

The Greek and Latin readers ahead of their competition held at Cheadle Hulme School

The Greek and Latin readers ahead of their competition held at Cheadle Hulme School