Bolton School Senior Boys

Haselden Photo Album is a Window to Past Bolton School

A unique insight into Bolton School in the 1930s has been brought to light by current pupils, George and Myles Blackwell, through a photo album which belonged to their grandfather, Myles Haselden.

Myles Haselden was a former Governor and Chairman of the Boys’ Division, and the Haselden Room in the School was named after him. The photo album contains old images of the Boys’ Division and was presented to Lester Haselden (Myles Haselden’s Father) on Prize Day in 1933.

Myles Haselden was appointed a governor of the school at the tender age of 24 years and became Chairman of the Boys’ Division in 1952. In 1956 he succeeded his uncle, Fred Lever Tillotson, as Chairman of the Trustees of the New Lever Trust Fund and was known for his outstanding service to the school.

In his 1963 Prize Day speech, Lord Leverhulme said: “I can describe him as the architect of the post-war Bolton School because it was due to his initiative, his drive and his determination that the Boys’ dining room was built and the East Wing was completed. It was always his most sincere wish that the School should be completed in the way my Grandfather had intended, and I can honestly say that had it not been for his firm conviction that the Trustees could and should build the North Wing, that decision to build would never have been taken. I can in all honesty say that his greatest interest, outside his own family was the Bolton School.”

You can view a gallery of the photographs in the album here

Myles and George Blackwell

Year 11 pupil Myles and Year 9 pupil George brought in the photo album which belonged to their Grandfather

Bolton School in the 1930s

The Boys' Division Great Hall as pictured in the 1930s

Bolton School in the 1930s

The School swimming pool is now the Arts & Conference Centre