"That discipline and focus really impacted my athletic career with mountain biking, and with other aspects of everyday life too. I am very grateful to Bolton School for contributing to this solid foundation. "

Chris Eatough, World Champion at Mountain Bike Endurance and Old Boy

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Impressive Routines at Year 7 Gymnastics Final

Friday, 16 December 2016

  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Ballance
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Headstand landscape
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Headstand bent knees
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Competitors
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Starting Pose
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Headstand portrait
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Push Up
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Crab
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 Bridge
  • Y7 Gymnastics Final 2016 winners

Eight Year 7 pupils competed for glory in the annual Year 7 Gymnastics Floor Exercises Final, held on the morning of the last day of term. This competition, which has been held for over 100 years at Bolton School, sees the whole of Year 7 take part through their gymnastics assessments.

Callum Cavanaugh, Thomas Darbyshire, William Duffy, Will Fothergill, John Oxley-Harrsion, Oliver Leahy, Amin Maljee and Simon Whitmore were deemed the best in the year group and went up against one another before an audience of their peers.

The finalists performed their routines, which combined a series of balances and travelling movements to best display their abilities. The PE staff judged the final, scoring each boy out of 35, and the prizes were awarded by Dr Mullins, Boys’ Division Deputy Head (Admissions and Achievement).

The overall winner was Will Fothergill, with Oliver Leahy taking second place, and William Duffy winning the bronze medal. All of the boys received certificates for making it to the final.

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