Bolton School Senior Boys

Inspiring a New Generation of Journalists

Old Boy and Sports Editor at the Sunday Mirror, David Walker returned to Bolton School to pass on his words of wisdom about the industry, and to inspire the next generation of journalists.

David led a discussion with Year 10 pupils about careers in the Media and spoke to smaller groups of Year 11 pupils with an interest in pursuing a career in Journalism. The boys asked David questions about his career choice, and how he got to where he is today. They wanted to know what the best subjects to study would be, how stories are put together, and how to get work experience in the industry. David advised them to learn how to write well and advised them to always write in simple, straightforward prose, in the style of Ernest Hemingway or Graham Greene. He suggested that if there is a subject they are passionate about they should improve their knowledge of it, and told them that something you love doesn't just have to be a hobby - it can be a living too.

David also spoke about the way the industry has changed so rapidly in the last 50 years and how it will continue to do so in the future, advising the boys that it is best to be flexible and learn about all areas of news - not just writing, but news production and presentation as a whole concept. He described to the boys how he managed to get his first job as a graduate trainee journalist even though he wasn't a graduate! He encouraged the boys to just go for whatever they want, believe in themselves and persist.

This was the message David passed on to all the pupils at the Boys' Prizegiving later that evening, where he was the guest speaker.



David Walker

David Walker offered words of wisdom about the Journalism industry to the boys