Bolton School Senior Boys

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Miss Sarah Gorner, Chemistry teacher and organiser of the Bolton School Science Festival, visited The Valley Community Primary School this morning to hand over a cheque for £150 to the four boys who were the overall winners at this year's festival.  The school will spend the money on science equipment.

The cheque handover was made in the morning assembly and Miss Gorner said a few words about the importance of science and how anyone can become a scientist if they try hard enough.

In the photo, Miss Gorner can be seen with the winning team: Lukman Patel, Mujibuddin Patel, Ismail Zangaria and Zain Hajee.  They are all Year 6 pupils now but were Year 5 pupils when they won the competition. 

Science Coordinator at The Valley, Mrs Bridget McGinley, said: "We have been coming to Bolton School's Science Festival for several years now and the pupils really enjoy it.  It is a fantastic experience for them.  This year we had some really clever boys, they were really impressed with Bolton School and thought it looked like Hogwarts!  From my perspective, it was good to meet up with fellow primary school teachers and we enjoyed the teacher training experience that was provided for us."

Miss Gorner said: "The day is a great chance for primary school pupils to broaden their experience and to use specialist science equipment.  The children always have a lot of fun with the magician too.  Hopefully the day sticks in their minds and helps inspire the next generation of scientists!" 

Miss Gorner and the winning team

Miss Gorner presents the cheque to the winning team