Bolton School Senior Boys

Jack of all Trades

Jack Heath has just progressed into Year 9 at Bolton School Boys’ Division. Here he reflects on his time spent at GCA JV, a market leader in the water industry, as part of his Work Sampling experience that is arranged by the Careers Department. The exercise gives boys an initial insight into the world of work and allows them the opportunity to discover more about the realities of earning a living.

In June, my school asked the parents of all year 8 students to organise a work sampling day for their sons, my dad arranged for me to spend my day with GCA’s Health and Safety Department.

Mr Foxley, the SHE manager took me on site to the Liverpool Project, I was given a tour of the existing plant, where GCA are carrying out maintenance operations, and to the site of the new works at Wellington Dock, where I helped to take samples of the water being pumped out of the dock, to check for pollution going into the River Mersey. I was also given a talk on the project by Mark Walker, United Utilities Principal Project Manager, which helped me to understand why such a lot of work was happening on the site.

My day was so packed with activity that I missed out on the environmental part of the SHE Department, but luckily for me, Environmental Advisor, Carol Hardingham asked me to come back for an extra day during my summer break. I returned on the 15th of August and Carol took me out to High Lane Service Reservoir to see the work being carried out on site – I couldn’t believe the size of the hole which had been excavated for the new reservoir, Carol told me all about the work done to look after the wild life, such as Badgers and Great Crested Newts, which had lived on the site before the work started. We also visited Dukinfield to investigate invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam, I’m really interested in the environment and had a fantastic day.

I would like say thanks to everyone at GCA who made me feel so welcome and especially to Carol, Doug and Mark for taking time to show me everything.”

Jack Heath at GCA

Jack Heath had a fascinating work sampling experience at GCA JV