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Marcus Becomes World Junior Thai Kickboxing Champion

Monday, 07 November 2016

Representing Great Britain at the World Championships in Spain, Marcus Williams, a Year 7 boy at Bolton School, has become the World Junior Thai Kickboxing Champion (11-13 years age category, 46-50 Kg).  Having won a number of previous competitions, 11 year old Marcus found himself up against an older and heavier Spanish fighter in the final held in Benidorm. In the the full contact fight over 5 rounds, he fought well and injured the other fighter in the first round with leg kicks. Technically, the judges should have given the Spanish fighter an 8 count when he initially asked for a Medic. However, the referee let him continue. The later rounds were close and initially the Spanish fighter was given the win by a split decision. However, after an appeal and a re-running of the video, the judges awarded Marcus a 10-8 points win for the first round and that swung the whole final his way. 

Marcus has been training for four year and fights out of the Kearsley Club which now has two world champions. Typically, he trains two to three times a week but that can increase to four or five times per week before a fight. The intensity is picking up for Marcus - usually he has 4 or 5 fights a year but he has had 5 now in the past month!

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Aged just 11, Marcus has become World Junior Thai Kickboxing Champion

Aged just 11, Marcus has become World Junior Thai Kickboxing Champion