Bolton School Senior Boys

Mass Maasai Dance Seals Fundraising Spectacular

Over 350 pupils and staff took part in a colourful and spectacular world-record breaking African dance in the School's Centre Quad, sealing a day of fundraising activities at Bolton School. Meanwhile in Africa, Maasai warriors also danced at the same time and each event was relayed on a giant outdoor screen via a Skype link-up. 

The day saw over one thousand pupils and staff dress in reds and oranges in respect of the Maasai tribes, who they were raising money for.  A range of activities took place, including a 10 mile charity walk to Rivington Pike, to raise funds for LivLife, which provides free education and vocational opportunities to children and adults in Tanzania. The charity's Meserani Centre helps local tribes, many of which are Maasai, giving them a hand-up rather than a handout as they learn a variety of skills ranging from literacy to IT to tailoring to English.

Max Griffiths, an Old Boy and one of the founders of LivLife said: "We've been absolutely bowled over by the support that the whole school has shown to LivLife.  A huge, huge thanks for raising such a phenomenal amount of money. I know there's a buzz around the school about this event and your incredible efforts will be felt by a huge number of Tanzanians living below the poverty line." 

Sue Hincks, Headmistress of Bolton School Girls' Division, said: "It has been a wonderful day. Older pupils have endured the rain and walked up to Rivington Pike and back, where we feel we have a connection as Lord Leverhulme gifted the land at Rivington to the people of Bolton and he re-endowed our School back in 1915.  We have almost 2,400 girls and boys here and almost all of them have been involved in fundraising in some way.  Junior Girls circled their playground with money and took part in a number of charity stalls run by Year 7 and 8 girls.  The Junior Boys' School raised over £5,000 in their fun run earlier in the summer, whilst Infants and Nursery children have enjoyed their dress in red day today. The Skype link-up was a little temperamental to start with but we got there in the end.  It was lovely to see the Tanzanian Kindergarten children singing a thank you message to us." 

The total money raised so far is £11,239.75.

You can watch videos of the link-up here (filmed from the turret tower) and here (filmed from Senior Girls' Library) and view a gallery of photos from the day.

Tanzanian Kindergarten children sing their thank yous via Skype

Tanzanian Kindergarten children sing their thank yous via Skype. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

The dancers

Pupils dressed in red and took part in a record-breaking largest African dance