"Our daughter’s progress in this last year has exceeded our greatest hopes and expectations. "

Parent, Junior Girls' School (Hesketh House)

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Mock Law Trial

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our involvement in this year’s Mock Law Trial Competition proved to be our most successful to date. Not only did we defeat Altrincham Girls’ Grammar, a historically formidable opponent, but we also picked up our first ever prize at the event. Twelve schools participate in the competition, with only two progressing to the final through what appears to be a torturously complicated scoring procedure. Our joint Boys’ and Girls’ Division team performed well in each of their confrontations, only narrowly losing to an extremely experienced MGS side in their final encounter.

Those involved showed a great deal of commitment towards the process in the weeks building up to the event and their level of preparation was clearly visible on the day. Michael Brookwell and Farhan Chhabu were rigorous in their pursuit of opposing witnesses, whilst Paul Greenhalgh and Tom Chia were uncomfortably difficult opponents during the cross-examination phase. It is to be hoped that Nat Roohan, Adam Shine and Alistair Topping, who operated as Court Clerks and Ushers, along with Giri Nandakumar and Cyrus Azimy, who participated in the Law Reporting Competition, will assume a leading role next year. Tom Chia’s achievement in winning the ‘Best Dressed Witness Award’ is something which the whole team should be proud of.

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The boys at this year

The boys at this year's Mock Law Trial Competition