"Recently I won the Mensa Child Genius Competition and I believe that it was possible because of the academic skills and the skills to perform in front of an audience and to keep calm under pressure that I acquired at Hesketh House."

Sharon Daniel, Girls' Division pupil

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Model UN Boys Commended

Monday, 01 February 2016

Boys’ Division pupils took part in the annual Model UN (MUN) weekend at Manchester High School for Girls. For the first time, the school sent three delegations with boys from Years 9 to 13 representing Chad, Qatar and Venezuela.

One of the School’s more experienced MUN participants, Rohit Bagewadi from Year 12, also acted as one of the Guest Chairs on the Economic and Social Committee. This was the first time a Bolton School pupil has taken a Guest Chair role, and it was good opportunity for him to experience the organisational side of the event and work with pupils from other schools.

Within the three country delegations, each of the boys took a position on one of the seven MUN committees that would be meeting over the course of the weekend. The pupils had to research not only the topics that they would be expected to discuss in their committees, but also their country and their country’s view on these topics, in order to be able to debate on their country’s behalf.

The topics discussed at the conference were based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and touched on a wide range of difficult issues, including reduction of poverty, gender equality, the rights of terrorists and terror suspects, environmental consequences of war, the prospect of leaving planet Earth, combatting diseases relating to drug abuse, children in armed conflict, and freedom of expression on social media. All of these subjects required plenty of research beforehand, especially to find out the country’s particular views.

Overall, the Chad delegation were Highly Commended, the equivalent to winning second place, and the Qatar delegation were Commended, the equivalent to third place.

Ten Bolton School delegates were also individual winners within their committees. Andrew Lee from Year 12 and Sal Albahgdady from Year 10 won Best Young Delegate awards, and both Bilal Asghar and Alex Matthews from Year 10 were named as Outstanding. A further six delegates were Highly Commended or Commended.

Individual awards were given by the Committee Chairs based on delegates’ contribution to the debate, knowledge of the topics and accurate portrayal of their country’s views, submission of amendments and resolutions, ability and enthusiasm to reach a compromise and work cooperatively to come to a solution. The whole delegation awards were conferred by the two Secretaries-General based on the high standard of debate from all members of the delegation, the quality of contribution to the General Assembly, an accurate and persuasive representation of the country’s views, and the delegates’ conduct throughout the conference.

It was an excellent achievement for so many Bolton School pupils to receive awards at the MUN event, and fantastic to see not one but two delegations receive group awards as well.

The Chad delegation comprised Cyrus Azimy and Sam Gorick in Year 13, Andrew Lee, Safwan Patel and Jack Virgin in Year 12, and Bilal Asghar in Year 10. Year 13 pupils Daniel Anderson and James Flood, Alex Moriarty in Year 12, and Year 10 pupils Sal Albaghdady, Nick Clark and Alex Matthews made up the Qatar Delegation. On the Venezuela delegation were Year 13 pupil James Caton, Year 10 pupils Joe Abram, Archie Aiken-Wood and James Bradley, and Yusuf Adia from Year 9.

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Daniel presents Qatar

Daniel presents Qatar's resolution at the Human Rights Committee

Sam debating in the Political Committee on behalf of Chad

Sam debating in the Political Committee on behalf of Chad

Rohit (centre) helping to Chair the Economic and Social Committee

Rohit (centre) helping to Chair the Economic and Social Committee