Bolton School Senior Boys

Non-Tech Day Raises Funds for We Love Mcr

Year 10 pupils at Bolton School Boys' Division have switched off their technology today for a full 24 hours as they seek to raise funds for the We Love Manchester campaign. 

Jamie Gregson, aged 15, said: “It was our teacher, Mr Lees’ idea. We have to go for 24 hours without technology – in school and at home. The money we raise, which could be as much as £1500, will go towards the We Love Manchester campaign. I thought it was a good and novel way of raising funds. So far, I have found it pretty easy.”

Yousef Adia, also aged 15, said: “I have seen a lot more lads reading books than normal but also people have been more sociable and there has been much more pupils talking to one another in the dining room. Not being able to log on has felt quite restrictive – both socially and educationally and you certainly recognise the benefits that technology can bring when you are not allowed to use it. It makes you aware and grateful for the technology that we do have but, at the same time, it makes you realise life goes on without gadgets and technology too.”

Boys will be seeking to raise as much money as possible with prizes for the pupil who raises the most funds and for the Form that contributes most to the collection.

The day without technology raised £1,200 for the charity.

Earlier in the year, Headmaster Philip Britton and the Boys’ Division put their support behind the HMC/Digital Sisters’ “Tech Back Control” video and campaign to take back control of our lives from social media.

Boys have turned their technology off for 24 hours

Boys have turned their technology off for 24 hours