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Old Boy Toryn Makes a Name in Science Research

Bolton School Old Boy, Toryn Dalton, has been cited as a co-author on a recently published Science research paper as a result of his work during an Ogden Trust internship.

Toryn was an Ogden intern at the University of Durham last summer. He worked with Dr Ifan Hughes and Lee Weller on the ‘Slow Light project’ and the recently published research paper, ‘Measuring the Stokes parameters for light transmitted by a high-density rubidium vapour in large magnetic fields’.

Toryn is currently studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and applied for the internship via the Ogden Trust website. The Ogden Trust is a charity promoting education in physics - they also sponsor a current teaching member of the Bolton School physics department. The Trust runs an annual internship scheme along with institutions they fund, to provide opportunities for young science undergraduates who are also Ogden Alumni.

The six week internship saw Toryn paired with a doctoral student, Lee Weller, to work on an experiment designed to test a newly developed theory. They were tasked with measuring the change in polarisation of laser light when a beam is passed through a metal vapour at different temperatures and magnetic fields. Toryn’s responsibility was to align the equipment, take data by oscilloscope and then process and analyse the data with a computer program. He said: “This sounds simple, but I needed a great deal of training before I became useful. We also overcame a number of technical difficulties.”

Toryn is in his final undergraduate year at Cambridge and hopes to continue onto the master's programme in 2013-14. After graduation, Toryn would like to continue research at a major UK university, but has not ruled out a move to the US.

Toryn said: "I am deeply grateful for my first taste of research in the physical sciences. I have not only learned a great deal of new physics but also a wealth of technical skills. These can only be taught hands-on. Studying science and actually doing it are worlds apart: research is by no means easy, but this makes it all the more rewarding and worthwhile. I would like to thank my mentor, Lee Weller, for his endless patience and the Ogden Trust for its generous support of my placement."

Toryn Dalton

Toryn has been cited as a co-author on a recently published Science research paper as a result of his work during an Ogden Trust Internship