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Parallel Oreos Win Battle of the Bands Again

Friday, 28 April 2017

  • Battle of the Bands 2017 winners Parallel Oreos
  • Battle of the Bands 2017 Parallel Oreos
  • Battle of the Bands 2017 The Ivories Singers
  • Battle of the Bands 2017 The Ivories
  • Battle of the Bands 2017 Gelatinous Flamingo Cupcake
  • Battle of the Bands 2017 Beyond Reflection

Year 12 band Parallel Oreos was this year’s Battle of the Bands winner at Bolton School, having last won the prize in 2014. School Governor and record producer George Apsion handed over the award and promised the boys a free one-day recording session in his London studio at their time of choosing. Having worked with Roger Daltry, Plan B and Sundara Karma, he was well placed to judge the competition and commended all acts on performing to a very high standard. He said he had judged each band on their musical proficiency, their chemistry, the quality of their material, their relationship with the audience and their level of conviction. He told them that nine times out of ten, authenticity wins out over musicianship. He commended all groups for having great original material and in what had been a difficult decision, he had chosen the Parallel Oreos, being particularly impressed that they had still performed well even though the lead guitar was not working throughout their first number, a cover of The Zutons' Valerie; they followed this with their own song Falling. He also had high praise for The Ivories, a five-piece comprising Jean-Paul Asumu, Jacqueline Jones-Humphrey, Andy Garcia, Josh Marshall and Sian Rowlands, who bravely performed a great cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and their own composition Laying Down. He congratulated them on getting the audience going and tipped them for future success. 

The annual lunchtime event proved as popular as ever with girls and boys from across the campus and also saw accomplished short sets from: Beyond Reflection, comprising Matthew Kay and Jay Harland, who won the competition last year as a duet who performed a cover of Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me and their own mashup of Take It Slow and Talk; and Owen Critchlow, James Stevens and Adam Critchlow in a band calling themselves Gelatinous Flamingo Cupcake, who played their own When I Hear a Lovesong and a dance and hip-hop mashup featuring Kanye West, Estelle, Tom Zanetti and Beyonce.

You can watch:

Parallel Oreos' cover version of Valerie here.

Parallel Oreos' own song Falling here.

The Ivories' cover version of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You is here.

The Ivories' original song Laying Down.

Beyond Reflection's cover of Bonnie Raitt's I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Beyond Reflection's original Mashup of Take It Slow & Talk.

Gelatinous Flamingo Cupcake Mashup of Dance and HipHop featuring Kanye West, Estelle, Tom Zanetti and Beyonce.

Gelatinous Flamingo Cupcake's original song When I Hear a Lovesong.

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