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Paralympians' Massage Therapist Encourages Athletes

Thursday, 09 March 2017

  • Sally Barker - Sport Massage Therapist
  • Sally Barker - Sport Massage Therapist with pupils

Gifted and talented sports pupils were encouraged to follow their passion in a talk from Sally Barker, the Director of SB Sports Massage and Rehabilitation: the company which she set up after training in sports massage therapy.

She began her talk with the 147 Paralympic medals brought home by Team GB, and the fact that she was able to assist the athletes in achieving this incredible haul when she travelled to Brazil to support the Paralympics GB team at the Paralympic Games in Rio last summer. She also spoke to pupils about working with the British Cycling Team and massaging cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy!

Her talk mentioned the marginal gains that all of these athletes strive towards in order to increase their chance of success. She also spoke of the incredible mindset of the Paralympians. Many of the Paralympic athletes Sally worked with in Rio chose to ‘take another card from the pack’ when life dealt them a bad hand, and she reminded pupils that they can always choose to do the same and change their direction if something isn’t working out. She offered further inspirational advice to pupils about their future careers, either in or relating to sport.

Hearing from someone who has worked with the Paralympics GB team and British Cycling Team was an interesting opportunity for pupils. Sally’s visit also opened their eyes to another career path related to sport that they may not have considered before.

Sally also spoke at the School’s World of Work event for Year 12 students on the same day.

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