Bolton School Senior Boys

Political Insights from Mayor and Elections Manager

The Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Carole Swarbrick, and Bolton Council’s Elections Manager Steven Blyth visited the Boys’ Division to talk to pupils about local politics. They were able to discuss the duties of the Mayor, the role of the Elections Manager and many different aspect of local politics

Steven also gave an address about various procedures, including voting and postal votes. He went into some detail about the fascinating voting process, with particular reference to why there is still resistance to online voting as this is less transparent. He talked about the importance of candidates being able to watch almost every part of the election process, and why this is important even today. He also gave the boys many interesting facts about voting, such as what happens when there is a draw in an election.

After the talk, pupils had the opportunity to ask the guests any questions they might have about the topics that had come up, or more broadly related to politics. This was a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing a political career to gain some extra insight, and for those interested in political processes to learn more.

Boys from years 7 to 13 benefitted from this enlightening session, which was organised as part of the Politics Triad.

Triads are run during SPACE sessions at the start of the Spring Term, and boys are able to choose their own activity from a selection provided by the School. SPACE sessions take place on every other Monday afternoon throughout the year and allow all pupils to take part in a range of enrichment activities outside of the usual curriculum as part of their timetable.

The boys learned a lot from Bolton's Mayor and Elections Manager in the interesting session

The boys learned a lot from Bolton's Mayor and Elections Manager in the interesting session