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Pupils are a Hit in Joint Production

The different ways in which people delude themselves were explored to full effect in the latest Bolton School joint production, a modern interpretation of Moliere’s ‘The Hypochondriac’ (Le Malade Imaginaire).

Pupils from Year 7 to the final year of Sixth Form, along with many teachers, have been involved in making the joint production a huge success. Directed by Mrs Theresa Sowerby, cast members have been rehearsing for months and have been ably supported by other pupils and teachers involved in designing the authentic and brilliantly coloured costumes and stage sets, and with music and lighting to set the scene. 

Set in the home of a neurotic ex-actor, ‘The Hypochondriac’ investigates what happens when the unstoppable force of a naïve, susceptible personality meets the immovable object of the religious cult of Planetology, as Christopher Redmayne, ably portrayed by Adam Woolley, falls prey to a sinister New Age ‘religion’.

‘The Hypochondriac’ is described in the programme as ‘an exercise in exposing human weakness to ridicule, unmasking the hypocrite and thwarting the greedy’ and a review of the show reads “This witty and erudite performance was clearly enjoyed by both cast and audience alike.”

The Hypochondriac

Pupils impressed in the latest joint production - a modern interpretation of Moliere’s ‘The Hypochondriac’

The Hypochondriac
The Hypochondriac