Bolton School Senior Boys

Pupils Enjoy a Day of STEM Challenges

Year 8 and 9 pupils from Bolton School Girls’ and Boys’ Divisions took part in a whole day STEM (science technology engineering and maths) event.

30 girls and 30 boys worked in teams of 5 to complete a series of challenges leading up to the main task of the day – to design and make a model of a glider. The session began by looking at how planes fly and pupils started off by making paper planes and propellers, looking at ways to make them go further and faster. They then set to work on their glider design. They used wood, card, tissue paper, glue, elastic bands and plastic propellers to build their gliders.

At the end of the day the pupils presented their designs to the other teams. They were judged on the quality and accuracy of their build, the length of time in the air and distance it could manage, the cost and marketing of their design and also their team working skills, and a winner was chosen.

STEM Day at Bolton School

Pupils enjoyed designing and building their own glider at the STEM event

STEM Day at Bolton School

They had to design, build and market their glider

STEM Day at Bolton School