Bolton School Senior Boys

Pupils Learn from World Renowned Scientists

Fourteen Year 10 pupils from Bolton School Boys' and Girls' Divisions had the chance to learn from world-renowned scientists when they attended GCSE Live at the Bridgewater Hall.

GCSE Live days are Science days specifically for GCSE Science students, designed to generate enthusiasm for the subjects. The pupils attended mini-lectures given by eminent scientists on a variety of Science topics relevant to the Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE courses. They heard from five of Britain's top scientists - Professor Steven Jones who spoke about DNA and 'Nature versus Nuture', Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock who focused on space travel and Dr Andrea Sella who incorporated Chemistry and Biology to explain why zebras are striped. Also on the bill were Professor Dave Cliff  who spoke about the next 50 years of Computer Science, and Professor Jim Al-Khalili who gave a talk entitled 'Time Travel: fact or fiction?'

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking day, in which the students were also given some vital tips on GCSE examination success from an experienced science examiner.

GCSE Live Science

The pupils attended mini lectures given by eminent scientists on a variety of Science topics

GCSE Live Science