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Pupils Take On World Marathon Challenge

Bolton School pupils joined around 20,000 children in over 50 countries across the world to compete in the World Marathon Challenge - a simultaneous relay race in support of Save the Children.

Children aged 11-13 raced around a track or suitable area in their country in teams. Each child ran a 200m stretch several times each, passing a baton to their team-mates, each team covering a total of 26.2 miles – a full Olympic marathon! Their aim was to beat Wilson Kipsang’s brand new world record marathon time of 2 hrs 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

The weather was much improved from last year and the Bolton School pupils completed their marathon at Leverhulme Park Athletics Club in 2h 15 mins and 40 seconds. 28 Year 7 and 8 pupils took part from the Boys and Girls Division, assisted by Ben Warner, Henry Smith and Carishma Hirani from Year 12. Headmaster of the Boys’ Division Mr Philip Britton said: “We are all really excited about taking part in the event again. As well as giving the children an exciting sports event in which they can take part, it’s a great way of getting the school to work together for a common fundraising goal.”

Other events took place around the UK and British children also competed against teams from all around the world including India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Their times were shared online and on Twitter to create an exciting global competition! The event runs until the 23rd of October when full results will be published.

Sportshall Athletics, the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA), England Athletics also supported the worldwide event, which was held on World Food Day to raise awareness of Save the Children’s campaign to help the millions of children going hungry in the world’s poorest countries.

World Marathon Challenge

Pupils joined around 20,000 children in countries across the world to compete in the World Marathon Challenge

World Marathon Challenge

Each child ran a 200m stretch several times each to cover 26.2 miles – a full Olympic marathon!

World Marathon Challenge