Bolton School Senior Boys

Puzzle Challenge for Year 2 Pupils

Bolton School welcomed twenty Year 2 children from five local primary schools to Hesketh House Junior Girls’ School to take part in a fun Puzzle Challenge. When they arrived in the hall, the children were given six tasks to complete in their school groups. The different puzzles were tailored to challenge gifted and talented children in a variety of different ways.

There were two construction challenges, which tested different skill sets. In one, the children had to build the tallest free-standing tower of art straws they could in the time given, ensuring that it had a solid base. The aim of the second was to delay the fall of a marble for as long as possible by sending it down a series of ramps. This task also called for excellent hand-eye coordination as they stacked the ramps onto towers of blocks!

In the Art Challenge, the children had to memorise a specific shade of colour and then match it to the correct colour wheel: a difficult challenge, given that many of the shades were very similar! There were plenty of opinions on which was the correct colour wheel to go for, and they had fun testing their memory.

The Tangrams challenge was also popular. Given a set of wooden shapes and an outline to achieve, they had to move, rotate and flip to pieces to create new different shapes. This task was one which the Year 2 pupils found quite difficult, but they were delighted when they finally solved the puzzle!

The children were fascinated by the science challenge, which involved magnets. The children were given different coloured rings, which they had to stack onto a pole in order to match the image on a card. They also had to think carefully about which way to place the rings, and whether they wanted them to snap together or repel and float apart in order to match the card.

The final challenge was ‘The Matrix’ spatial challenge, where the children had to remember a path through a matrix of lines set out on the floor. This tested the memory of the group, who had to recall the correct path so that they could guide each person through the matrix from one side to the other.

The tasks were run by Year 11 girls and Year 13 boys, who volunteered their time to assist with the event. They explained the aims of the puzzles and then encouraged the children to complete their task, giving helpful hints when necessary.

The Puzzle Challenge afternoon was organised and run by Miss Beth Evans, who teaches at the Junior Boys at Park Road, as one of Bolton School’s Primary Liaison events.

One of the Sixth Form Boys advises the Year 2s on the marble-drop challenge

One of the Sixth Form boys advises the Year 2s on the marble-drop challenge

A Year 11 pupil leads the children in the colour-matching game

A Year 11 pupil leads the children in the colour-matching game

The children help each other with the Matrix challenge

The children help each other with the Matrix challenge