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Record Number of 10 A* GCSE Pupils in Boys’ Division

Pupils and teachers at Bolton School Boys’ Division have been celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results, including a rise in the percentage of A* and A grades achieved. The percentage of papers graded A* and A was 54.6% up from 52.8% last year in contrast to the national trend, which has seen a drop in the number of top A* and A grades. The percentage of A*-C grades also improved in the Boys’ Division, up to 96.3% from 93.1% the previous year. A quarter of all grades achieved were A*.

There were many individual success stories with 15 boys - 10.1% of the cohort - achieving 10 A* grades or better. One pupil, Aman Kumar, achieved an outstanding full set of 12 A* grades while eleven more boys received 11 A* grades or better. These high achievers were Rohit Bagewadi, Anosh Bonshahi, Henry Cowling, Caleb Hall-Paterson, Edward Joyce, Andrew Lee, Mohamed Munshi, David Price, Adam Shine and Jack Virgin.

The percentage of students with 10 A*-C grades jumped from 69.3% last year to 86.5% this year; the percentage of boys gaining at least 5 A*-B grades also improved, up to 93.3% from 91.4% last year, as did the percentage of boys achieving a minimum of 5 A*-C grades – up to 98.6% from 97.9%. Just short of one quarter of the boys gained at least 10 A* or A grades. 64.2% of the cohort achieved a minimum set of results of 4 As and 3 Bs and each pupil took away an average of 9.9 A*-C graded papers. 

Headmaster, Philip Britton, said: “Great GCSE results are the outcome of a great deal of effort from the boys, considerable support from parents at home and the expertise and commitment of my colleagues at school. We celebrate all of that hard work today. This year we have a record number, one in 10 of the boys, who have achieved A* in all 10 subjects taken. Equally pleasing are those who have worked extremely well to achieve good passes in subjects they have found challenging.”

In addition to achieving excellent academic results, a number of boys have been involved with extra-curricular activities, particularly sport. The U16 Water Polo team won their age group final at the ESSA National Championships, and so helped the School to achieve treble success, winning in every age group of the competition. Boys involved with the U16 team alongside studying for their GCSEs were Tom Daly, George Lilleywhite, Bill Moores, Will Plant, David Price, and Ben Ray.

10 and 11 A* boys celebrate their GCSE results

10 and 11 A* boys celebrate their GCSE results

Besides receiving excellent GCSE results, these boys were also part of the school's U16 national water polo winning squad

Besides receiving excellent GCSE results, these boys - Will Plant, David Price, Tom Daly and Bill Moores - were also part of the school's U16 national water polo winning squad

Boys and girls celebrate their A* grades