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Return of a British Weightlifting Champion

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Just one day after winning Gold in the England Seniors’ British Weightlifting Championship, held at Milton Keynes, former pupil Mackenzie Middleton was back at Bolton School to inspire the next generation of weightlifters.

Pupils enjoyed an afternoon in the gym with Mackenzie as part of their extra-curricular studies known as SPACE Triad sessions. A select group learnt the rudimentary skills and were given top tips on what it takes to succeed in this competitive sport, including training drills and diet. Mackenzie was himself encouraged to take up the sport by a Bolton School teacher. He left the school in 2016 and went on to win British U20 Weightlifting Gold (in the 105 Kg class) in 2017 with a 240 Kg lift. In January this year he won the superheavyweight class at the English seniors, and broke the British under-23 clean and jerk record. Mackenzie is on the Commonwealth Pathways scheme and hopes to make the next Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Birmingham in 2022. Whilst he recognises it will not be easy, long term, he has his sights set on taking part in European, World and Olympic competition.

Besides weightlifting at Adlington Barbell Club, Mackenzie is also involved with rugby coaching and strength and conditioning classes.

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