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School Achieves FairAware Status

Monday, 15 September 2014

Bolton School Boys’ Division has recently become a Fairtrade School and has been awarded ‘FairAware’ status from the Fairtrade Foundation. The ‘FairAware’ award represents the first of three tiers; the School aims to work towards the highest of these and win ‘FairAchiever’ status as part of its ongoing commitment to the charity.

The School’s most recent Fairtrade initiatives began in 2010, when various events were held to promote Fairtrade in the Spring Term as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, which included a lunchtime Fairtrade stall promoting the Fairtrade ethos and selling a variety of snacks and treats. Since then, there has been a staff cake bake and pupils have engaged in raffles, quizzes, assemblies and chocolate challenges, as well as last summer’s inaugural Year 7 Fairtrade Football Tournament, in which pupils used Fairtrade footballs as part of a SPACE afternoon.

As part of the FairAware award, pupils in Years 7 and 8 took part in a survey, which tested their knowledge and awareness of Fairtrade products. The pupils were also required to participate in a Fairtrade event. In January 2014, boys in Year 8 took part in a SPACE session with a Fairtrade theme. The learning objective was arguing to persuade via a ‘pitch’, with the stimulus of campaigning for a new Fairtrade product to be placed on sale at morning break in the dining hall. Karen Riley, the Catering Manager, gave her support to this project and found six Fairtrade products with pricings to be marketed on the day. Each form was given a different Fairtrade product (ranging from Kit-Kats to Green Tea) and prepared a pitch in groups. The best pitch was chosen to go on to the grand final, held at a subsequent lunchtime during Fairtrade Fortnight. This was judged by Karen Riley and the Headmaster. Mango smoothies and Cadbury’s hot chocolate were chosen to be sold at break for the rest of the year. There was also a Fairtrade raffle, in which Fairtrade sports balls, food and an inflatable banana were won!

Boys' Division teacher Miss Wrathmell said: “I am thrilled that the School has been awarded Fairtrade status in recognition of its efforts. The SPACE programme has largely facilitated what we can formally offer the boys, and their engagement has been a delight to observe!”

Miss Sullivan added: “We plan to achieve all three awards in the coming years by setting up a specific Fairtrade Group in school. We aim to achieve the second ‘FairActive’ award by the end of this academic year.”

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The Boys

The Boys' Division has been awarded FairAware status

Boys deliver their pitch supporting the selling of Fairtrade bananas at morning break

Boys deliver their pitch supporting the selling of Fairtrade bananas at morning break

The Year 7 SPACE Fairtrade Football Tournament

The Year 7 SPACE Fairtrade Football Tournament