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School Hosts Rotary Club's Tech Competition

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The Rotary Club Technology Tournament was held at Bolton School. Multiple teams from Bolton School Boys’ Division, Canon Slade School, Rivington and Blackrod High School, Sharples School and Westhoughton High School went head-to-head in the competition.

The teams were challenged to build a tower and billboard with a flashing beacon on top. They had to work from scratch and without help from their teachers, using their engineering skills and knowledge of electronics to construct a working model. They also used their artistic talents to decorate the billboards. The judges and Rotary Club organisers circulated throughout the process to see how the groups worked together throughout.

The teams were ultimately judged on their design, development of a solution and communication of ideas. The judges were also looking for evidence of planning and teamwork and the each group’s portfolio of ideas. The models were also tested to see if they could achieve a goal number of flashes, with extra points scored if the group managed to beat the goal by 10 or more.

After much deliberation, the top three teams were awarded medals: two teams from Canon Slade School received gold and silver, with the bronze going to Rivington and Blackrod High School. Canon Slade School also earned overall first place in the tournament. Patrick Tyrell, District Governor of the Rotary Club, presented the teams with their prizes.

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