Bolton School Senior Boys

School Welcomes Chinese Headteachers

Headmaster Mr Philip Britton was delighted to welcome a delegation of Chinese Headteachers to Bolton School Boys' Division.

The Headteachers were visiting Bolton on a self-funded trip to the town after a group of Heads from Bolton had visited China back in 2010.  The British Council had funded the Bolton Heads' trip as part of its drive to foster educational links between developing countries and the UK.

The Chinese party was set to make a variety of visits as they got an overview of educational provision in the borough and the Bolton Headteachers attempted to replicate the hospitality shown to them in China. Whilst at Bolton School they met senior staff, had a tour of the School and visited several in session classes. The visit was coordinated by the Local Authority.

Gift exchange

Mr Britton and the Chinese Headteachers exchanged a number of gifts

The Headteachers in the Great Hall