"We chose Bolton School to educate our three children as we felt that it was the best School in our area and we were excited about the opportunities the School offered its students both in the classroom and outside the classroom."

Angela Howe, Parent of Amelia, Charles and Isabella

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Science Experience for Hearing Impaired Pupils

Monday, 22 May 2017

  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - chemical reaction
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - whoosh bottle
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - holding the snake
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - balloon race
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - holding a cockroach
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - popping a balloon
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - holding a mouse
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - using microscopes
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - girl with beaker
  • Thomasson Memorial Science Lessons - blowing up balloons to make hoverboards

The Boys’ Division welcomed ten pupils from Thomasson Memorial School, a local primary school for hearing impaired children, to its Science department for a morning of hands-on lessons. The Thomasson Memorial pupils split into groups, each escorted by a Year 8 boy, for a series of activities based on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In Physics, the children were led through a series of experiments based on forces. They had a balloon race, created their own hoverboards using CDs and balloons, and were even able to ride a real hoverboard around the classroom!

The Chemistry activity allowed pupils to watch some exciting experiments and conduct some of their own. They saw how different chemicals react together by changing colour when they are shaken up, found out how much energy is contained in a jelly baby and saw all of that energy released at once as heat and light, and even lit a ‘whoosh bottle’ at the end of the session.

Pupils enjoyed looking at different things under the microscope during the Biology activity. However, one of the highlights was meeting and handling some of the School’s animals! Pupils could watch the axolotl follow their finger along the glass of the tank, stroke the bearded dragon, and hold cockroaches, mice, and even a snake. They learned more about each of the animals, including facts about their diet, habitat and characteristics.

The deaf and hearing impaired pupils from Thomasson Memorial thoroughly enjoyed the exciting, relevant and interactive science activities at Bolton School.

The visit was organised by Mr McMinn, one of the Boys’ Division Physics teachers, to help Thomasson Memorial School to fulfil their curriculum requirements by allowing pupils to use Bolton School’s scientific equipment. Mr McMinn would like to set up an annual visit for the school in the future.

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