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Jack's Silver Medal in Mathematical Olympiad

Friday, 30 November 2012

Year 9 Bolton School Boys’ Division pupil, Jack Virgin, is the first pupil from the School to be awarded a Silver medal in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) - placing him well within the top 100 pupils out of the quarter of a million participants. 

The Junior Mathematical Challenge (JMC) is a national competition taken by over 250,000 pupils, initially in a one hour, 25 question multiple choice format. The top 6% are awarded Gold certificates, and of these around 1200 are invited to sit the Junior Mathematical Olympiad (JMO). Along with Jack, Muhiyud-Dean Mirza also made it through to this stage of the competition, an impressive achievement in itself. 

Once through to the JMO, the boys faced a much more difficult and rigorous task - ten quick questions to warm up, then six much longer, tougher questions for which a fully written, logically explained, rigorous solution is needed. Candidates are doing extremely well if they answer even two of these fully in the two hours provided. Congratulations to both boys.

Reflecting on his success, Jack said: "To be honest I did not think I had done that well. I was relatively relaxed during the test so that probably helped. I am delighted with the silver medal, Mathematics is my favourite subject and I will definitely study it at A level and possibly for my degree too."

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Jack is the first Bolton School boy to win a silver medal in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad

Jack is the first Bolton School boy to win a silver medal in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad