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Still Time to Enrol for Entrance Exam

Parents who are thinking of enrolling their boy into the Entrance Examination for Year 7 (Senior School) or Year 3 (Junior School) entry to Bolton School (in September 2011), still have time to submit their application.

The Entrance Examination which will be held on:

Thursday 13 January 2011

In order to sit the exam, applicants must complete an application form. This can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • it is enclosed with the prospectus
  • it can be downloaded 
  • or it can be ordered by contacting the Headmaster's Secretary on 01204 840201 (e-mail:

There are four components to the Year 7 Entrance Examination:

  • An English paper (a creative writing essay task only) set by the School 

A set of three tests, newly set for us each year by GL Assessment, comprising:

  • A verbal reasoning test
  • A non-verbal reasoning test
  • A mathematical test

Each of these three tests is designed to test a child's 'innate' ability. Practice papers are available from any good bookshop (look for GL Assessment 11+ practice papers) or via the GL Assessment website.

As a rough indication of the required standard, we would normally expect your son's primary school teacher to be predicting him to reach Level 5 in the Key Stage 2 SATs tests.

A reference will also be requested from the applicant's current school, as Headteachers' reports form an important element of our decision making process. For this reason, it is vital that parents who wish to make an application should first discuss this with their son's current Headteacher.

Between 140 and 150 places are available for Year 7 each year. All applicants are called for interview following the Entrance Examination, with these interviews taking place early in February. The interviews are used, along with the Headteachers' reports and the Entrance Examination performance, as a means of assessing the applicants. Subsequent to the interviews, and in agreement with the Manchester Consortium of Schools, offers of places are then posted at the beginning of March.

Approximately 50 places are available for Year 3 entry each year.  

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