Bolton School Senior Boys

Talk From Twenty-First Century Dinosaur Hunter

Professor Phillip Manning visited Bolton School to talk to pupils about dinosaur hunting in the twenty-first century.

Professor Manning is a palaeobiologist, Professor of Natural History at the University of Manchester, and STFC Science in Society Fellow. He is a passionate dinosaur hunter and has shared his enthusiasm for the subject on television programmes such as the BBC’s Fossil Detectives and National Geographic’s Dinosaur CSI. He has recently worked on a project investigating a fossil nicknamed ‘Dakota’ which is particularly interesting as it contains unusual and valuable soft tissue samples, including skin.

For an hour on Thursday evening he enthralled a mixture of boys and parents with stories of digging up dinosaur bones, including trips to the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota, one of the most famous fossil sites in the world. He also talked about the many advances in palaeontology, and how these can inform and influence other disciplines.

At the end of the talk, one Sixth Form student commented, “I came tonight expecting history. I leave with the future.”

This was the definite high point of a very successful biology week lead by Boys' Division teacher Dr Mark Procter.


Professor Manning (right) pictured with Dr Procter after the talk

Professor Manning (right) pictured with Dr Procter after the talk