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The Physics of Adventure Learning

Monday, 01 June 2015

The third annual Physics X residential to Patterdale Hall in the Lake District took place shortly before half term and was a resounding success.

Thirty nine Year 8 pupils from Bolton School Boys’ Division, Canon Slade, Harper Green and Rivington and Blackrod attended the 3 day event. Physics X is part of the Bolton Ogden Trust partnership programme of events which are designed to inspire pupils to study and enjoy Physics.

Pupils took part in various activities, learning about the physics in sailing, archery, gorge walking, climbing and bushcraft. They were also able to visit the paper bridge which was in the nearby valley. The bridge was made from wood pulp and water and was designed to be “a bold contemporary statement in a conserved environment”. Pupils were able to view how a simple paper bridge can be constructed without any glue or supporting structure, yet, be strong enough to support people standing on it. Pupils also visited Lyon Equipment where they were treated to a tour of the manufacturing site, testing and training facilities. Pupils viewed climbing equipment being tested to destruction and studied the physics used in designing high level working safety equipment.

Pupils had a fantastic time not only learning about Physics and enjoying the beautiful location of Patterdale Hall, but they also made new friends from other schools and worked together in all the activities they participated in. Pupils reported that they enjoyed the whole event and would recommend it to others in their school.

Physics X is organised by Brendan Ickringill who is the Ogden Teaching Fellow at Bolton School. He commented “This event has challenged pupils to think about Physics in situations that they probably have not thought about before. They have seen physics in action varying from safety equipment and outdoor pursuits to realising contemporary art projects. But most importantly they have had fun with Physics! I would like to congratulate all pupils on their fantastic attitude towards the challenges they faced and commend them for their behaviour. I would also like to thank staff from the schools attending for their giving up their weekend to support this event.”

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Pupils learnt a lot from their visit to the Lyon Equipment factory

Pupils learnt a lot from their visit to the Lyon Equipment factory

The Y8s explored the physics behind safety equipment

The Y8s explored the physics behind safety equipment

The pupils enjoyed their stay at Patterdale Hall