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Eric Fairweather, Parent

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Triads Provide a Fresh Challenge

Monday, 12 January 2015

With the first Monday of the new term came a fresh challenge for the boys in the form of Triads, the latest addition to the Boys’ Division SPACE Programme.

SPACE sessions take place on every other Monday afternoon throughout the year and allow boys to take part in a range of activities outside of the usual timetable. This year introduces a new element in the form of Triads, which were named after the ‘triad’ representation of space referenced in the philosopher Lefebvre’s work.

The first new element is choice: last term, the boys were given a list of wide-ranging options which have been designed to expand our SPACE provision further. The majority of the options have been included in the SPACE Programme before, so this really was an opportunity for the boys to try something new. The boys will also have to get used to working in mixed age groups, as most of the activities were available to boys from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form.

The first of the three Triads sessions was a resounding success. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the activities they had chosen to take part in – whether it was fine art, outdoor pursuits, book discussion, clay pigeon shooting, filmmaking, hill walking, cookery, astronomy, or something else entirely!

The boys are now eagerly anticipating the next of their Triads sessions in two weeks’ time. 

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Diagrams on iPads helped in the Dissection session

Diagrams on iPads helped in the Dissection session

Following the instructor

Following the instructor's lead as they practice lunges in Fencing