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World Food Programme Support is Commended

Thursday, 16 October 2014

On World Food Day, Bolton School welcomed two guests from Unilever Food Solutionsto address an audience of over 750 Senior School boys in their morning assembly to give an overview of the company’s work with the United Nations’ World Food Programme’s School Feeding Project. James Allred, Marketing Manager at Unilever Food Solutions, introduced the proceedings before handing over to Chris Scholey, Account Executive for Unilever Food Solutions. Following on from this the School is planning several events to raise the importance of school meals on a global basis and raise funds in partnership with Unilever. The catering department has already been purchasing specific ingredients and these automatically trigger donations of meals by Unilever. 

Chris opened his presentation by speaking about the strong links between Unilever and Bolton School, who both count William Hesketh Lever as their founder. In 1915 he brought together Bolton Grammar School for Boys and Bolton High School for Girls on the Chorley New Road site where Bolton School is today. The School is looking forward to celebrating this 100 year anniversary next year. Lever also created the company Unilever and, with its success, used the funds to re-invest in Bolton School and to create the Leverhulme Trust, which still to this day, financially supports the School.

Lever instilled in his company the principle of helping improve the lives of others and this underpins Unilever values today. The partnership with the World Food Programme is a way the company meets its Sustainable Living Plan goals as part of its Foundation network. The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide with a goal of making ‘zero hunger’ a reality. 

Chris informed the pupils how one in seven people do not get enough food to lead an active life and to be healthy, making hunger and malnutrition the number one risk to health worldwide – greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Those most susceptible to hunger are children and it becomes impossible for them to study when they have not eaten for days and had to walk miles to get to school. Chris utilised a red cup to show how it costs only 20p to fill the cup with a nutritious meal.  Exhibiting photographs from his recent visit to Indonesia he showed how desperately young people need our help.

It was a moving assembly and inspired the Sixth Form Charities Monitor to offer to donate all proceeds from the Boys' Division's Christmas Card sales to the World Food Programme.

Chris, along with Unilever staff Joe Byrne and James Allred, met with staff at the School and the school is looking forward to working with Unilever in future.

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James Allred introduced the talk

James Allred introduced the talk

Chris Scholey talked about the work the World Food Programme does to help those in need

Chris Scholey talked about the work the World Food Programme does to help those in need