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Year 11 Learn More About Men’s Health

Monday, 14 September 2015

Old Boy Dr Alexander Brodie returned to School to give the Year 11 boys a talk on the subject of Men’s Health. Dr Brodie attended the Boys’ Division from 1989 to 1996 and went on to study Medicine at Nottingham University. He now practises at Hucknall near Nottingham.

The talk was tailored to focus on the health issues faced by men with particular focus on trauma, particularly car and sports accidents, prostate cancer, mental illness with mention of alcohol abuse, and heart disease. It was particularly interesting for the boys to learn the biggest killers of men in the UK: heart disease at 15%, followed by lung cancer at 7% and emphysema or bronchitis at 6%.

He also talked about the top three killers of young men between the ages of 5 and 19: accidents, suicide, and homicide.

Dr Brodie went on to discuss with the boys the fact that men tend to only go to doctors when something is seriously wrong, and even then they are not overly keen to talk about their problems. He explained why it is important to catch illnesses such as cancers and heart disease in their early stages, and also gave some hints on spotting the signs of prostate cancer.

This was a really useful talk for the Year 11 boys as it covered many different aspects of men’s health.

He talk took place during the first SPACE session of the term. The SPACE Programme dedicated one Monday afternoon every fortnight to curriculum enrichment activities. Boys from Year 7 to the Sixth Form are taken out of their usual timetable and given the opportunity to expand their learning beyond normal lessons through a wide range of activities. In the same SPACE session, Year 13 talked to Old Boy Michael Yates via a live link with Hong Kong and received some great careers advice, pupils in Year 9 were visited by representatives of the RNLI to find out more about this charity’s vital work, and the Year 7 boys learned more about Lord Leverhulme and the School’s heritage.

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Dr Brodie talked to the boys about Men

Dr Brodie talked to the boys about Men's Health issues

This was a really informative and helpful talk for the Year 11s

This was a really informative and helpful talk for the Year 11s