Bolton School Senior Boys

Year 7 Gymnasts Show Off Skills

Following the vault competition for Year 8 pupils at the start of the week, Year 7 Pupils also got to show off their gymnast skills by competing in the final of their annual gym assessment.


Ten pupils took part in the final of this year's competition. From September to February, boys work on their floor work in their PE lesson and put together a sequence made up of six balances and travelling movements. Each pupil across the five forms is then judged and marked on their sequence.


This year, the ten boys performing at the highest level, progressed to the final, which was viewed by the whole year group. The boys were marked on their sequences by PE staff, who after tough consideration decided that the gold medal should go to William Hinchliffe, the silver to James Yearn, and the bronze to Mikaash Halai. The trophy and medals were awarded to the three winners by the Headmaster; the seven other contestants all received certificates of achievement.


Mr Matt Johnson, Head of PE, was one of the judges. He said: "This year's final was very close, with very little difference in points from last place to the winner. All finalists should be applauded for their hard work and determination in getting to the final. Well done."








The winning boys

The winning boys receive their medals from Headmaster, Mr Philip Britton