Bolton School Senior Boys

Year 8 Boys Vault to Glory

Year 8 Pupils showed off their gymnast skills by competing in the final of their annual gym assessment.

In their PE lessons, Year 8 boys work on their vaults for the annual assessment and this year, the eight boys performing at the highest level, progressed to the final, which was viewed by the whole year group. The boys were marked on four different vaults - Through vault, Straddle vault, Rotational vault, and Double box vault, by PE staff, who after tough consideration decided that the gold would go to Harry Stocks, the silver to Richard Bromilow, and the bronze to Liam Kenny.

The trophy and medals were awarded to the winners by the Headmaster; the five other contestants all received certificates of achievement.

Mr Matt Johnson, Head of PE, was one of the judges. He said: "I was amazed with the standard of the vaults this morning, the lads coped admirably with the pressure of the final and the audience. The winner was decided on the final vault with the top two gymnasts bravely performing a through vault followed by a front somersault.

The finalists were Peter Roberts (8b), Daniel Brookwell (8d), Joe Speakman (8d), Luke Allsop (8e), Will Jaaskelainen (8c), Harry Stocks (8c), Liam Kenny (8c), Richard Bromilow (8a).







Year 8 Gym competition

The winners with Mr Matt Johnson, Head of PE

Year 8 Gym competition

The boys performed a series of vaults

Year 8 Gym competition

All boys received a certificate of achievement from the Headmaster